Our Capabilities

Medallion Plastics is a one-stop-shop that can bring your project from concept to production. We pride ourselves on our ability to create custom and complex products from scratch, all in a timely fashion. We have the equipment, personnel, and expertise we need to not only get the job done, but to also excel at it. Learn more about what we offer by reading the sections below.


We have eighteen custom thermoforming stations, each with a variety of capabilities that gives us the flexibility to take on many different projects. From small to large, short to tall, we do it all. Learn More

Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering team has the resources to take a project from concept to production. We work from CAD files, blueprints, reverse-engineer from existing parts, or design from scratch. Learn More

Mold & Tool Facility

Using our large five-axis CNC system complimented by a talented staff, our in-house tooling facility can craft patterns for prototyping as well as durable molds for full long-term production runs. Learn More

Robotic Trimming

Nothing beats the consistency and high level of accuracy as robots. With multiple robotic trimming cells at our disposal, we ensure a high level of quality whether trimming 10 or 10,000 parts. Learn More

Accuracy & Quality

We strive to maintain the highest level of quality in our industry, with inspections at every stage of production. Our Quality Assurance team utilizes ongoing training to meet customer needs. Learn More

Assembly & Logistics

Our assembly team melds technology with technique ensuring proper fit and finish. We work with our customers to ensure delivery when and where they want it, even across international borders. Learn More